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3D Studio MAX - rather most popular software in my country. The main good idea is a lot of plugins for it. If 3D MAX cannot do something, you can find a special plugin that will do it for you!

I started to work in this software (from v 3.0) and I like it. Standard render is not so good and not fast, so then I became a "powerful user" :) I started to use external render engines: RayGun, Mental Ray and Final Render a bit later... And then I became bored with 3D MAX modeling I started to use Rhinoceros. Well all of these steps you can find in my gallery.
Some of projects are published on render.ru, 3DFly, Electronic Art Museum and other sites. Project "Butterfly" is graced "3D Award" on render.ru site.

Softimage - nice software in "Maya style". I started to use it when tried to find built-in Mental Ray render, because Mental Ray connection to 3D MAX was not good enough. So in native software Mental Ray was very good and useful, and I discovered many possibilities of the render. But a problem with caustics led me to return to 3D MAX , but with other render - Final Render.
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I hope what everyone knows this software, but I have to say a few words about each gallery. :)

On a page projects are in chronological order starting from the top of the circle and going counterclockwise.

Bryce - this software is used to make different landscapes and maybe something more... Interface of the software is nice, but useless :))) (This is just my opinion...) Render engine is good and has a lot of options, but it is working too slowly. There are many presets in the software and it is easy to use, but your images will be like twins... So, it's a very nice toy!

In this part of the site I present a lot of my art projects. I made them with different kind of software, therefore they are in different galleries.

Terragen - another landscape generator, like Bryce, but very different. Software is nice and allow you to make a very realistic sky, but not earth... I published just 2 projects on 3D Fly site. So, this is nice software if you need sky and simple landscape without vegetation. On the home site of the software a very beautiful and realistic gallery is.

Other - in this gallery I put projects that I made in some other software (most in 2D software).

Expo - in this gallery I put exhibition projects. These are complete projects of exhibition booths made from different exhibition equipment.

Below you can find some URLs of my projects in the WEB:

If you have something to say, please visit my guest book.

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